Winter is the time to work on your summer bod!

Though it may be freezing outside, don’t let the cold and wet dampen your dreams of looking amazing at the beach at the end of the year. We’ve got four great tips to help you get an extra early start on shaping up. So what are you waiting for?

1: Eat clean

To get your body looking its best, you’ll need to fuel it with the best. There’s no way around it: processed foods and refined sugar simply won’t do you any favours. Swap them for fresh fruit, as well as unprocessed meat and vegetables. Since clean foods are rich in nutrients, they will leave you feeling more satisfied, without an urge to snack and ruin your diet goals.

2: Create a reward system

Got a stunning summer outfit you’d love to pull off? You can use it to achieve that dream! Visualising yourself at the end of your challenge, looking great in those clothes, can be a strong motivator. Every time you have successfully achieved your fitness goals for the day, put aside a small amount of money towards the outfit, so that keeping focused can be fun and exciting too!

3: Cardio counts

Exercises that pump up the heart rate are the best at helping you lose weight. Try 45 minute of sessions swimming, cycling or running 4-5 times weekly for a fast way to ditch that spare tire. If you’re feeling time poor, don’t fret! Multiple short workouts interspersed throughout the day can also give good results. You could do something as simple as climbing up and down fire stairs or sprinting around the block a few times in your working day.

4: Roll with it!

Taking up a new workout may cause your muscles to become stiff…and what destroys willpower faster than waking up sore? To avoid this, use a foam roller or a tennis ball to massage daily, which will release the tension in your muscles and keep you feeling ready to tackle any challenge every day.

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