Spring has Sprung

Spring has arrived and now is the perfect time to get your checklist together and get your garden or balcony ready for for the year ahead!

Here is our checklist of what you should to do to keep your plants in tip top shape:

Flowering plants are one of the best things about spring but you should remember to prune back the plants once the blooms have gone. Prune then feed to ensure growth and another good show next year.

If you have a veggie patch, wait for the soil to warm up and then plant all the lovelies like beans, corn, cucumbers, pumpkins and melon. Spring is also a great time to get a herb patch going whether in the garden or on the patio. Look for plants that work well together.

Lawn care is always important, make sure you weed the lawn and treat appropriately with good organic feed to encourage new growth. We love a luscious lawn! If the lawn is looking a bit tired then Spring is definitely the time you should be laying new turf. Before laying any new turf ensure you prepare the soil and give it as much help as possible so the new turf will take.

Not only to shrubs and flowers love Spring, but so do weeds, ensure you stay on the top of them to keep your garden looking best.

Spring is also a great time to divide orchids and repot, and other clumping plants, ensure you give them plenty of feed when you split them.

We often get asked when is the best time to water your garden? General consensus is that it is best to do so early in the morning so that the water has time to penetrate the soil. If you are watering in the evening ensure there is enough time for the leaves to dry before the sun goes down or you may end up with some fungal growth!

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