Robinson Street’s unique wave

Did you know?

Visit Robinson Street and you will notice it is the only road in Chatswood which has been deliberately built to curve from side to side.

Obstacles such as these are not just placed there for the amusement of bored road engineers, but are a real strategy to reduce accidents called traffic calming. By slowing the overall speed of traffic, the frequency of accidents can be reduced by as much as 40%.

Robinson Street may have been an early experiment in traffic calming design. In more recent times, researchers now understand vertical obstacles such as tables and humps have the greatest impact on reducing speed.



Field Guide to Traffic Calmers


Alternating extensions on sides of the road, such as those on Robinson Street. Vegetation can be planted on them to improve the aesthetic of a street.

Traffic islands

A safer way for people to cross busy streets, especially those who
can’t walk as quickly.


The classic Australian road feature. Reduces conflict points without the need for traffic lights.

Speed hump

Found almost everywhere, this small bump slows traffic without making drivers uncomfortable.

Speed table

A long speed hump which raises all 4 wheels of a car at once. Often combined with a crossing, to produce a walkway drivers can’t overlook.

Speed cushion

A narrower speed table that slows cars but lets larger emergency vehicles or buses pass unimpeded.

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