How many kitchen appliances do you actually need?

Everywhere we turn we see a new cooking show, a new cook book or a new celebrity chef spruiking their wares.

Friends tell you the a Thermomix will end your cooking woes forever… a Thermomix? A trip to Victoria’s basement yields a pasta maker that you have every intention of using but never do. Do you often wonder just how many appliances you need?

Obviously everyone has different needs. Millennials might get by with only a microwave (Cooking? What’s that?) But for those of us that like to cook… what are the basics that we really need? We spoke to some of Sydney’s best caterers and cooks and asked them what their must haves are.

Hits the spot!

The toaster is about the staple of every household, the design hasn’t changed in a very long time and it does the job. A must have, no arguments there!

Something to mix stuff up. At the very basic end the stick wand will do a lot of the mixing jobs and take up very minimal space, but if you need some heavy duty, multi purpose mixing, chopping slicing and dicing then it is hard to go wrong with a good food processor. It will take care of most of the jobs you need to get done.

A microwave is a standard. It defrosts quickly, can do veggies in a flash and is you best friend for re-heating.

Maybe not…

Bread baker Do you really bake bread that much? Learn to do it in the oven!

Ice cream churner Seriously, have you not seen the supermarket ice cream cabinet?

Sandwich press Achieves more or less the same thing as a toaster… while wasting more electricity and bench space.

The key to a lot of these extra appliances for our caterers is that they let them multitask. You can be baking bread, toasting sandwiches, and churning ice cream all at the same time without having to worry about the outcome.

So how many appliances do you actually need?

Ultimately, it’s an opportunity cost. You can do a lot with the most simple appliances, but if you are cooking for an army and have the bench space, all those other appliances may save you a lot of time. It’s not the answer to the universal question… but it is food for thought.

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