General Information

Chatswood RSL Club has been operating on the present site since 1947, when Sub-branch members and Returned Soldiers decided to seek a Club License to raise funds for benevolent work.

The original premises were the Memorial Hall and occupied a two-storey structure fronting 446 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood. Extensions to the Club in 1963 provided the Thomas Street frontage and the Club then occupied the whole area through the block with entrances at both streets. The Club was a ‘men only’ Club until 1966 when women were permitted to join and attend the Club. Over the years the Club purchased adjoining contiguous properties to provide for expansion.

The Club incorporates and now totally surrounds the Chatswood War Memorial Hall built in 1921-1922. A marble memorial to the fallen can be seen at the Victoria Avenue entrance of the Club. Much of the old hall has been renovated over the years so it is now unrecognisable. The hall was sold by the local Memorial Hall Trust in 1981 to the Club when they could no longer maintain the property, being of wood construction internally, to the then “Ordinance 70” fire and building standards.

In 1995 the Club expanded its premises over 442-444 Victoria Avenue and the Club utilised the greater now fully integrated and incorporated spaces. New function rooms provided an added community amenity and the enlarged Bistro, gaming room and an additional new bar were opened in the new areas built. However, the Club continued to face space demands and in 2004-2005 the properties which the Club had accumulated by purchasing, and which are located to the west of the existing Club, – 448-452 Victoria Avenue, which had been providing marginal rental income – were demolished as space was needed for an increasing membership and visitor attendances grew. Increased car spaces, a cafe and larger lounge area were a necessity – In 2006 the Club opened the new cafe/lounge/pool playing area known as Shades.