Don’t lose your cool this summer!

As summer heats up, and people will be scrambling to upgrade their cooling systems. You don’t always need the best tech to tame the temperature, so here’s a few ways you could be cooling smarter rather than cooling harder.


Turn over a new sheet

It’s definitely time to pack away the winter flannel on your bed!

Get cotton bed linen – it is a more breathable material which will let you stay cooler and get a good night’s sleep.


Use your blinds strategically

Up to 30% of unwanted heat in your house could be coming from the windows.

Remember to close your blinds during the day and open windows in the evening for a cool breeze. Shut the door to the hottest places of your house so that the heat does not spread as easily.


Be smart with air-con

While it’s tempting to set the air conditioning as low as possible, setting the temperature just 1 degree warmer can save your cooling bill by up to 15%!

You can save even more power by shutting doors and cooling only the room you are going to be in.


Be a fan

Don’t have an air conditioner? Fans can be surprisingly effective!

A fan placed across from an open window can create a cross-breeze through your house. You can also place a tray of ice in front of a fan to send a cooling mist in your direction. At night, pointing the fan out of the room will suck hot air out and let cool air in.


Employing these tips can keep you cooler and save you a few bucks this summer!

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